Rob Sonic, Telicatessen

Joe Lopez (aka DJ Bazooka Joe)

By Joe Lopez (aka DJ Bazooka Joe)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A forgotten Def Jux classic

Overshadowed by some of his label's bigger releases (SA Smash, Hanger 18) and artists (Mr. Lif and El-P), Rob Sonic of Sonic Sum's solo debut was one of the year's best albums put out by NYC's most avant-garde hip-hop label, Definitive Jux. Lyrically, Rob raps as if he's reading poetry or spoken word — sometimes incoherent to the average listener, but delivered with such a nonchalant confidence that you have to respect it. The production is fresh and unique, a beautiful sound of melodic keys over broken-beat style drums with elaborate changeups and songs flowing into one another flawlessly, sometimes leaving the listener wondering where they are in the album sequence. "Superball," "Shoplift" and "Dyslexia" will definitely get you lost in their depth, but "Behemoth" is one of the real standouts, with a total package of beats, rhymes and the Whodini-inspired hook, "I freaked out last night… yeah I freaked out last niiiiiight."