Teengirl Fantasy, Nun EP

Carrie Battan

By Carrie Battan

on 11.27.13 in Reviews

Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi, the duo better known as Teengirl Fantasy, have stayed quiet during a year during which many elements that characterize their music have become the norm in left-of-center dance and R&B circles. Last year’s Tracer was an early example of a project that finds experimental dance producers in a free-flowing collaborative soup with like-minded vocalists — before Kelela teamed up with Fade to Mind artists for her Cut 4 Me mixtape or joined Solange on the Saint Heron compilation, for instance, she did the chilly vocals on Tracer highlight “EFX.”

Some of their most straightforward dance music to date

But rather than lean further into a mini-universe they helped facilitate, Weiss and Takahashi have made some of their most straightforward dance music to date on the four-track Nun EP. Where 7AM and Tracer took traditional techno and house and samples of pop songs and smeared them against a hazy holographic wall, this release uses alien sounds within more conventional dance song structures structures. On the EP’s first two tracks, at long last, we have breakbeats and mini-drops, little explosions of groove that would’ve melted into warm synth whimsy in Teengirl Fantasy’s past lives. Weiss and Takahashi have always made dance music on their own terms — and with Nun, they’re shifting what those terms mean again.