Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Talk About The Weather

Peter Parrish

By Peter Parrish

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
One weather discussion devoid of sunshine.

For a substantial chunk of the '80s, the City of Leeds was a reliable exporter of the darker side of life. Whether this was down to proletarian dissatisfaction, the effects of Thatcherism or simply due to a preponderance of drum machines stuck on heavy reverb settings, we may never know. The Lorries tended to be dogged by Joy Division comparisons rather than the usual questions about occult interest, but a few bars of Talk About the Weather quickly reveals why their brand of beat-heavy gloom was ushered beneath the tattered wings of goth. Claustrophobia reigns supreme, choking any moments of space and silence before they have the chance to expand. Every second is comprehensively smothered by an echoing snare-snap, or the wide, murky guitar washes which practically swamp each track. Lyrically, the record richly mines the irony of titles such as “Happy” in order to explore the chillier sides of human interaction and dabble in moderate doses of existential angst. As a result, this is one weather discussion devoid of sunshine.