Various Artists – Silva Screen Records, Swinging Mademoiselles: Groovy French Sounds from the 60s

Kristina Feliciano

By Kristina Feliciano

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A solid sampler of the bubbliest pop of all.

Just what are the groovy sounds touted in the title? Yéyé — a '60s-era style of French pop that shamelessly indulged in more than its fill of Spector-isms. It's bubbly music, and this collection, while absent of the genre's best-known artists, Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy, does not stint on fizz. Whether they were singing with fringe-shaking force (Christine Delaroche's "Des Tigres et des Minets") or sexy swagger (Liz Brady's "Palladium the Hip"), the swinging mademoiselles here are the life of la partie. The pops and scratches that texture some of the tracks might chafe the fidelity-focused, but this listener, at least, could not imagine these frug-friendly songs swept clean of their occasional sonic debris. They would feel like less of a find. And speaking of finds, those who discover they have an affinity for yéyé may want to groove on over to modern-day acts April March [10716902] and Fabienne del Sol [10941595], who capably keep the genre's sans souci (translation: carefree) spirit alive at a time when we need it more than ever.