Suuns, Images Du Futur

Marcus J. Moore

By Marcus J. Moore

on 03.22.13 in Reviews

The knock against Suuns is that they sound too much like Clinic. It’s a charge that gets repeated in nearly everything written about them, to the point that Suuns co-founder Joseph Yarmush lamented it a recent interview with Baeble Music, claiming, “None of us have even heard of these bands or listened to them.” On Suuns’ new album, Images Du Futur, the band attempts to push back the criticism with aggressive Kraut-rock, cosmic psychedelia and post-punk. There’s still no denying the Clinic comparisons, however: Portions of Images are almost eerily similar to the Liverpool band’s most recognizable work, even down to Ben Shemie’s falsetto.

Aggressive Kraut-rock, cosmic psychedelia and post-punk

With Images, though, Suuns reach for a darker aesthetic with decent results, drifting into petulant garage-rock and deep funk outbursts. Images scans as “rock,” but there’s a subtle soul influence present as well, on songs like “Powers of Ten” and “2020.” “Images Du Futur” is floating blend of ominous synths akin to Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine.” Suuns can’t escape the band in their reareview, but Images makes enough impact to stand on its own.