Surfer Blood, Tarot Classics EP

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 10.24.11 in Reviews

Tarot Classics

Surfer Blood
The hooks are still there

“So you found someone new to lap your shit up for a while/ honestly/ sooner or later they’ll find out what you’re made of/ certainly/ then it’s over.” So sings Surfer Blood lead singer John Paul Pitts on “I’m Not Ready,” the first song on Tarot Classics, the follow-up to his band’s buzzed-about debut, Astro Coast. If he’s fretting his audience abandoning him, he needn’t worry. While this EP may dial back some of the Floridian quartet’s rockier aspects, the hooks — particularly on the rollicking “Miranda” and the jammy “Voyager Reprise” — are still there, albeit kind of mellow. Luckily, EPs are commonly transitional/one-offs, and Surfer Blood still has a chance to show us their fangs on the next proper full-length.