Electric Wizard, Supercoven

Jon Wiederhorn

By Jon Wiederhorn

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Clearly, these drugged-out Brits wouldn't exist if it weren't for early Black Sabbath. Each of the songs on this 30-minute mini-album rides a lumbering, distorted groove fueled by reverberating power chords, booming bass and menacing drum fills. The only thing missing is Ozzy's cries of "We love you all! Go fucking crazy!" And yet, Electric Wizard are credible precisely because they out-Sabbath Sabbath. There's no effort to find a melody or pursue a chorus on Supercoven. The songs are driven purely by the pulse of their own monochromatic riffs, achieving mind-altering euphoria through sheer repetition. In other words, these guys take their stoner metal seriously. You might not walk around whistling their tunes or anything, but as long as there's a little kind bud around, Electric Wizard will keep the bowl burning bright.