Circus Lupus, Super Genius

Joe Gross

By Joe Gross

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
One of the few Dischord bands that manifested a libido that wasn’t covered in allegory.

One of the most slept-on albums in the Dischord catalogue, Super Genius is a ricocheting pinball of wailing vocals, snaking riffs that block and tackle and Arkia Casebolt's hard-hitting drum-fills-as-rhythm. Unlike too many Dischord bands, Circus Lupus manifested a libido that wasn't covered in too much allegory; their careening grooves are as sexy as Dischord got. Chris Thompson (Ignition bassist, Fury singer) howls and whines about love as physics ("Unrequited") gets crushes on dangerous women ("Tightrope Walker") and Southern gals who make him blush ("When she gets talkin'/ She makes me weak in my knees!!!" on "Mean Hot and Blessed"). Nobody in the band recorded anything quite like this ever again.