Chow Nasty, Super (Electrical) Recordings

Chuck Eddy

By Chuck Eddy

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Some claim indie rock never wants to get on the good foot anymore, but San Francisco threesome Chow Nasty offer evidence otherwise. Start with the no-wave free-jazz funk of James Chance then dance backwards toward the Swingin'Medallions and forwards toward Jon Spencer, and you've got the idea: Lay down the boogie and play that funky music ’til you toss your cookies.

Chow fun: 16 tracks of lascivious goodness.

Chow Nasty first materialized a couple of years ago with “Ungawa,” which took a high school cheerleader chant and proceeded to do the Ubangi stomp in the Ubangi style: as shitfaced a slice of Animal House Watusi-rock as this sober decade has produced. The singing sounded more or less inept, but that didn't hurt much. On the trio's debut full-length, undie-rap veteran Peanut Butter Wolf helps expand their template.

Stiff moments happen now and then — Hieroglyphics'Pep Love can't save their hip-hop attempt. But “Back on the Streets” stretches its legs around a good conga rumble; the buttheadedly titled “A Tale of Two Titties” works tense Contortions-style noise-guitar clang into a sort of Brazilian rhythm break; “Lazy Eyes” has sax wild enough, organ carnivalistic enough and vocoders freakazoid enough to make up for its clumsiness. In “Hot Sticky Nikki,” you can even hear the party in the background. All good, as long as nobody calls the cops, and you're not the one who has to mop up the floor the next day.