Deuter, Sun Spirit

Robert Phoenix

By Robert Phoenix

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Sun Spirit


The prolific flautist lets in the light on this 2000 recording, and it's just as bright and joyous as the title implies, a well-earned break in Deuter's deeply meditative journey. The shift is apparent from the bouncing first track, the Andreas Wollenweider-esque "Zauberwald"; with the harp both driving the melody and supporting it rhythmically, it's a rare instance of Deuter's flute playing being just part of the composition and not the center. Next, the loping "Yellow Mandala" fuses Andean music and hop-a-long Western movie scores, Deuter leading the way with treated flute sounds that cleverly straddle the Peruvian pan pipe and modern flute. "Sunlight Dancing" continues in the heliotropic spirit as flute and tabla dance back and forth in divine interplay, once again reinforcing the playfulness and lightness of spirit coursing both through Deuter himself and the majority of Sun Spirit. Even "Green Mandala," more in keeping with the contemplative and ambient mode of most of Deuter's recordings, shimmers at the edges with lilting piano and bright washes of synth, giving the track a golden, atmospheric sheen. While it doesn't necessarily convey all of the deep yearning and meditative devotion of most of Deuter's recordings, Sun Spirit is a welcome respite — it's a joy to listen in on the whimsical side of this often serious composer and musician.