Cannonball Jane, Street Vernacular

Erick Zeidenberg

By Erick Zeidenberg

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
This bedroom producer has the perfect soundtrack for your next rainy Sunday afternoon

Cannonball Jane is the nom de musique for one-woman lo-fi sampling wizard Sharon Hagopain. Recorded entirely in her bedroom, Street Vernacular has a ragged sonic texture that evokes a wide range of female influences — you're bound to notice nods to everyone from classic '60s girl groups to Luscious Jackson and Le Tigre. The opening track, "Slumber Party," wraps a Carole King piano line around somber horns and old skool rhythms, creating a dreamy shuffle — the perfect soundtrack for your next rainy Sunday afternoon. "Hey! Hey! Alright!" starts with a foundation of Casio and fuzz guitar to create an upbeat pop song that could be a hybrid of Kathleen Hanna and the Go-Gos. "Such Is the Score” also transcends boundaries, alternating a slinky big band backbeat with that familiar Funky Drummer shuffle that laid the foundation for hip-hop. Despite its heavy reliance on samples and looping, the album also incorporates the recklessness of garage rock. As a result, Cannonball Jane has created music that would be equally welcome in either a hip lounge or a rock dive.