Street Eaters, Blood::Muscles::Bones

Megan Seling

By Megan Seling

on 06.19.14 in Reviews

Right out of the gate Street Eaters let you know they’re not fucking around. On “Reverse,” the opening track on their new album Blood::Muscles::Bones, the band’s two members, Megan March and John No, remind us of our own mortality by chanting, “If you could hold time in your hand, would it all just slip away? Mixing night into day, we know how this all ends.” It ends with doom, they tell us. Doom.

Not making noise just for noise’s sake

The rest of the album is just as relentless, almost exhausting to listen to, as they deliver thick post-punk jams that recall Dig Me Out-era Sleater Kinney and Al Burian’s most underrated band Challenger. Even the title track, which carries a more triumphant message of being yourself in the face of adversity, reminds us to do what we need to do before it’s too late because we’re all “just a combination of blood, muscles, and bones” “dying in [our] own skin.” Eek.

Despite remaining a duo, Street Eaters boast a bigger, fuller sound compared to their (also great) 2011 debut Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons, but they’re not just making noise for noise’s sake — March and No are careful to deliver their storm without overdoing it. They’ve found the perfect balance of being insistent without being messy, a trap that so many other minimalist bands fall into as they frantically try to fill in all the sonic spaces. It’s the perfect album to kick your ass into gear whenever you get into any kind of rut; nothing gets you back on track like the promise of impending death.