Jungle Brothers, Straight Out the Jungle

Brian Coleman

By Brian Coleman

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Straight Out the Jungle

Jungle Brothers

If you heard DJ Red Alert's Hot 97 radio show in the late ’80s, the Jungle Brothers — MCs Afrika Baby Bam and Mike G, with DJ Sammy B — were familiar fixtures, and this record is a beautiful throwback to the so-called Golden Age.

A beautiful throwback to the so-called Golden Age.

The production on their debut, by the group, with some seasoning from Red Alert (who is, in fact, Mike G's uncle), is far from polished. And that's part of its allure. One listen to “Braggin'and Boastin'” and it's clear that Sammy B was cutting live as Mike and Bam threw loose rhymes back and forth.

“Jimbrowski” is equally sloppy, with a Funkadelic drum sample so amplified it almost feeds back. And the mock-tender “I'm Gonna Do You” let's you know that these guys love booty, but aren't going the LL “I Need Love” route to get it. And just when you think that all the JBs are about is goofin', they hit you with one of the more important “conscious” (before the word was ever bandied about) cuts of the decade, “Black Is Black.”