Corey Feldman’s Truth Movement, Still Searching For Soul

Glenn Kenny

By Glenn Kenny

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
The philosophical meanderings of child celeb Corey Feldman.

For all of Crispin Glover's quirks, it's sometimes hard to escape the impression that he's, you know, trying to be weird. One-time child star and ongoing celeb train wreck Feldman is really trying to plumb the depths of his screwed-up self. He's got the courage to go there — the question is, have you got what it takes to join him? Massed keyboards and strings highlight the ornate arrangements of the Truth Movement as Feldman regurgitates and mangles all manner of therapeutic and philosophical clichés in the course of the soul-searching saga. Because his feelings are so deep, you can't really expect him to contrive to make his lyrics scan, hence: "I turned on, I turned off so many times that my mind must protect my body and soul from a world that's so cold." Man, I don't even know where to put the commas, let alone any line breaks. It's also a little upsetting that Feldman's I'm-an-adult-now attempts at vocal gruffness make him sound, well, drunk.