Neek the Exotic & Large Professor, Still On The Hustle

Ben Westhoff

By Ben Westhoff

on 04.20.11 in Reviews

Still On The Hustle

Neek the Exotic & Large Professor

Emcee Neek the Exotic and legendary producer/rapper Large Professor — both from Queens — first collaborated on the White Men Can't Jump soundtrack in 1992, but Still On The Hustle is billed as their first collaborative full-length. Large Pro is on barely half of the tracks, however, and so ultimately the album ends up playing more like The Neek Show.

Their sensibilities align perfectly

This isn't a bad thing; unlike many East Coast veterans, Neek has not mellowed, and comes out with guns blazing, running down stories of street struggles and drug dealing, peppering the narratives with boasts and threats. "Low ride like West Coast/ Fuck a drive-by nigga/ I'm getting up close," he raps on "Main Event." There's an intensity to his taunts that contrasts nicely with the album's largely mellow, throwback beats, which come courtesy of Marco Polo, Carnage, and Lord Finesse and, of course, Large Pro, with whom Neek reportedly already has more music lined up. This is welcome news — their sensibilities align perfectly.