Blind Mr. Jones, Stereo Musicale

Jack Rabid

By Jack Rabid

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Never mind the flute — this proto-shoegaze band lays on the heavy dream-pop sound

This Marlow, England, quintet were acquaintances of Slowdive (whose Neil Halstead wrote guitar parts for their early singles), and they had much of that hallowed shoegaze band's faraway, knelling sense of mystery amid multiple layers of majesty and splendor. But on this, their 1992 debut, Blind Mr. Jones based their tunes on a much louder, more direct rock foundation. Tracks like “Spooky Vibes,” “Dolores" and the flute-ridden instrumental “Sisters” are so breathlessly fast, it's like they're dragging the whole shimmering-waves-of-dream-pop school from the back of a speeding bus. Maybe there's a tad too much of the aforementioned flute, but overall this is compelling listening.