Spoon, The Agony of Laffitte

Ian Cohen

By Ian Cohen

on 07.11.11 in Reviews
The stuff of minor legend

In 1999 Spoon temporarily called Saddle Creek home for a 7-inch and, in retrospect, it’s sort of like seeing Ryne Sandberg in a Phillies uniform or Chauncey Billups in Celtics green — a temporary but undeniably crucial early shaming that ultimately directed their Hall of Fame trajectory. Spoon would certainly write better songs, but The Agony of Laffitte is the stuff of minor legend, a sarcastic attack on their former Elektra A&R in the vein of John Fogerty’s “Zaentz Can’t Dance” that temporarily salved Britt Daniel’s wounds during the last time his band was deemed a failure rather than a fixture amongst the indie elite. As the saying goes, comedy is tragedy plus time.