Various Artists, Spectral Sound Vol. 1

Todd Burns

By Todd Burns

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Ghostly International’s sublabel gets its own compilation — and megamix

Ghostly International's little sister label has grown rapidly since its debut in 2000. Credit is largely due to Matthew Dear and his sterling productions under his own name as well as under his Audion alias, which have become monster hits in the dance world. The man spreading the gospel via his DJing skills, however, is the one and only Ryan Elliott, who appears here on the second disc with a megamix incorporating many of the tracks that Spectral had put out up to that time (Dear, James T. Cotton, Osborne, Peter Grummich, Solvent and others are included). With 33 tracks flying by in a little bit less than an hour, there's little time to catch your breath throughout, but Elliott does an excellent job of both paying attention to the journey and the destination under some pretty tight constraints.