Sonny Rollins, Global Warming

Britt Robson

By Britt Robson

on 09.10.12 in Reviews

Global Warming

Sonny Rollins

Eight years before the Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth, Rollins penned a snappy eight-line poem on behalf of the environment as the liner notes for Global Warming, which concluded, “Live light on the planet, sister and brother, ’cause if we kill it, there ain’t no other.” Calling the disc his “Freedom Suite of 1998,” he composed a sunny quasi-calypso for the title track, followed by a tender “Mother Nature’s Blues,” and the jagged, feisty closer, “Clear-Cut Boogie.” The tracks are split between sextet and quartet, with Rollins in fine voice and pianist Stephen Scott his most noteworthy cohort.