New Buffalo, Somewhere, Anywhere

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

If Sally Seltmann's delicate vocals and uniquely orchestrated indiepop sounds a bit familiar, don't worry. It's her songwriting talents that were behind Feist's first single from The Reminder, "1234." Seltmann's light touch is similarly all over her second album as New Buffalo, Somewhere, Anywhere. Rarely does the instrumentation reach past a few pieces on each track — a piano here, a snatch of accordion there — but Seltmann's voice fills the void, somehow sounding tentative and wholly assured at the same time. The songs on Somewhere aren't nearly as lush as those found on The Reminder, but that's not the point. Seltmann carves out her own unique space, in which these droning, circular songs can become a sort of pop music as well.