Anemo, slow burn

Chuck Eddy

By Chuck Eddy

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Eyes Wide Shut actress sings with mouth wide open.

Hazelle Woodhurst's acting credits include Eyes Wide Shut, but while fronting this British trio-plus-helpers she's a flashdancing rock diva whose hefty voice stomps like an elephant — you might consider Tina Turner, Taylor Dayne, Marianne Faithfull or Cher before you realize who she really sounds like is a less new-age Sophie B. Hawkins. The faceless but lushly layered album-rock supports her stomps, too; "Kashmir"-like Middle Eastern prog-metal is a recurring reference point, but sometimes the guitar push gets almost gnu-metal brutish, or melds into Hi-NRG techno beats or a violently violined ambient space-rock break — only to have Hazelle return, raging harder than before.