Sleepy Brown, Mr. Brown

Hua Hsu

By Hua Hsu

on 08.26.12 in Reviews

Mr. Brown

Sleepy Brown

With his bugged-out shades, Bic-clean dome and flashy threads, Sleepy Brown was always the most visible member of Organized Noize. Released in 2006, Mr. Brown was his third attempt at developing a solo profile, after neither the Society of Soul nor Sleepy’s Room projects found the audiences they deserved. By now Sleepy was well known for his appearances on hits like Ludacris’s “Saturday” and Outkast’s “The Way You Move,” and the festive, romance/freak-centric Mr. Brown takes a more direct route to stardom. Big Boi and Pharrell — honors student at the Sleepy Brown School of Falsetto — show up for the joyous, buoyant “Margarita.” Sleepy nicks a Jackson 5 tune for the majestic, carefree “Me, My Baby and My Cadillac.” While they were no longer the go-to producers for their former disciples, Organized Noize showed that they were still full of ideas on the slow-motion writhe of “Oh Ho Hum.”