Sleater-Kinney, The Hot Rock

Nick Marino

By Nick Marino

on 04.11.11 in Reviews
Even on an off day, still better than most band would ever be

With their third record in three years, Sleater-Kinney showed signs of fatigue. The hooks here are dulled, the energy feels blunted. It’s as though the band finished off its masterpiece Dig Me Out and wasn’t exactly sure what to do next. That said, the album’s not without its rewards. “Burn, Don’t Freeze” hit an especially high watermark, with Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker’s vocals dueling intricately on two separate melody lines. “One Song For You” works similarly (though not quite as well,) and maybe that’s a microcosm for The Hot Rock as a whole. It’s rough compared to what came before and after, though Sleater-Kinney on an off day was still better than most bands would ever be.