Sky Ferreira, Night Time, My Time

Laura Studarus

By Laura Studarus

on 11.05.13 in Reviews

Night Time, My Time

Sky Ferreira

Since the release of her 2012 EP Ghost, Sky Ferreira has given us plenty to talk about — unfortunately, none of it was about her music. Between the drug arrests, canceled concerts, shuffled release dates and the partially nude Gaspar Noé-shot cover, the impression was shaping up that Ferreira, a model and actress as well as a singer/songwriter, was the latest in a long line of self-styled little-girls-lost.

Letting her Courtney Love-style growl out to play

Fortunately, Night Time, My Time changes the conversation. Previously content to play the role of the heartbreaker on electro-pop leaning Ghost (with the help of producer Dev Hynes of Blood Orange), this time she’s let her Courtney Love-style growl out to play. Ferreira adds grit to producers Ariel Rechtshaid and Justin Louis Raisen’s radio-ready pop work, shrieking her way through the guitar-heavy, emotionally jittery “Heavy Metal Heart.” She dials it back for the hypnotic chants of “Omanko,” backed by a blissed-out white noise haze that brings to mind Shirley Manson stomping her way through a zen rock garden. We’re not given much insight into the singer as a person, save for the emotionally abject chorus of “Nobody Asked…” where, sounding like a woman on the edge, Ferreira wails, “Nobody asked me if I was OK.” (Is she OK?) But no worries, there’s plenty of time for her to establish a persona independent of the hype. For now, Ferreira has effectively proven that she can be anyone we need.