Decibully, Sing Out America

Robin Banks

By Robin Banks

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

On their sophomore effort, Milwaukee band Decibully expand their sonic palette, pushing out past pure country into grand, galaxy-size pop. The essential elements remain in place — there's a banjo twitching in the background of "I'm Gonna Tell You" and an accordion wheezing in the shadows of "Colorful Music". But the record is bigger and broader than that. "Meg and Magill" moves from steady stomp to slow reach, "Rid of Me Last X" is a slow scorcher, moody and moving. And "Penny Look Down" is pure euphoria, a raucous, thumping pop song that gains momentum as it goes along. Sing out America is as ambitious as its title, aiming for the sky and leaving no heart untouched.