Young Stanley, Sing it for England

Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Five builders from Bromley get caught up in the 2006 World Cup title chase

Not all football songs become big hits and this delightful serving of retro was very nearly lost in the tsunami of wannabe anthems that swept the England team towards the 2006 World Cup finals. Recorded by five builders from Bromley, three of whom claimed to be born in 1966, the year of England's one international football triumph, "Sing It for England" delivered a little of that self-deprecating style so beloved by the English football fan: “All I've ever known is a long walk home and disappointment/Time and time again, always the nearly men, but I'll keep on dreaming,” they sang. It may be a few years yet before England win the World Cup for a second time, but in the meantime we can always join Young Stanley in “singing for England.” Download and save it for the next World Cup.