Void, Side B

Joe Gross

By Joe Gross

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A precursor to both the metal/hardcore crossover and the “spazz-core” of early ’90s hardcore emo.

Void's cult is up there in fanaticism with those of David Koresh and Albert Brooks. Also known as the Void side of the Faith/Void split LP, these tracks from 1982 rank as some of the greatest mess that punk as sound — chaotic hardcore played with speed metal's fucked-up rage — and world-view ever vomited up. Where other ramalama punk blurts ended in squeals of amp feedback, Bubba Dupree's guitar started there, and singer Sean Wiffenbach's voice is pure hammered panic. This set gets messier as it goes; by the end, they sound about ready to collapse, or kill each other. It's impossible to imagine any sort of metal/hardcore crossover without these guys, nor the "spazz-core" of early '90s hardcore emo (Antioch Arrow, Heroin, Angel Hair, etc.). Speaking of metal, rumor has it Void later cut a more metallic, unreleased and possibly terrible album for Touch and Go. But this one is a classic.