Mountains, Sewn

Peter Parrish

By Peter Parrish

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Mountains — the duo Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp — take the term "field recording" quite literally, although perhaps "meadow recording" would be more apt, as the sounds at the earthen centre of Sewn seem to chart an unhurried trek through alpine scenery. Rustling, lush green pasture, sparkling streams and the chatter of insects — all that's missing is the soft lowing of cattle. The production, meanwhile, is as crisp as the spring air.

Ambient electronic goes pastoral.

Structure for this sensorial hike is provided by a mixture of electronic and traditional instrumentation. A number of tracks derive their focus from the repeated phrases of a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, while others hang looser around looped drones and static patter. Yet each approach fits smoothly over the mesh of technological and organic material. Soon, the ticks and glitches feel as natural as the wind and the steady flow of water is awash with rhythmic patterns.

Throughout, Sewn is an interpretation of environmental beauty — an experience intensified by the use of headphones, where the increased sense of seclusion complements the subtler audio fragments. These clips from the rural outdoors serve a wider purpose than mere simulation or reproduction, acting instead as symbols of a temporary retreat; snippets from a world on the outskirts of industrialisation, creating a backdrop for bright, contented contemplation.