Sepalcure, Sepalcure

Marissa G. Muller

By Marissa G. Muller

on 12.23.11 in Reviews

Sepalcure prove that reinvention counts as much as much as innovation in dance music. Since the release of their first few EPs, the bass producers have earned enough praise to position themselves as chief purveyors of dance music in 2011— based as much on their ability to look to the past as their ability to look forward. Their self-titled debut only adds to their credence, navigating pre-and-post-dubstep alleyways without sounding dated or trendy. In the woozy “Me,” the two breeze through jungle, 2-step, and early IDM, all while retaining dubstep’s steely percussion. There’s the slightest hint of emotional disconnect in the sunken vocals, but Sepalcure keep their songs warm with lush synths, locating a place somewhere between intimacy and detachment. It’s unlike any other dance record we’ve heard this year.