Screaming Trees, Sweet Oblivion

Kevin O'Donnell

By Kevin O'Donnell

on 09.21.11 in Reviews

Sweet Oblivion

Screaming Trees

Mark Lanegan’s band weren’t part of the Grunge Goldrush that happened in the wake of “Teen Spirit” mania: They signed with a major label for their third record in 1990. In fact, Lanegan’s tunes were more complex than the clichéd Seattle Sound. On Sweet Oblivion, the songwriter fuses crunchy guitars and clattering drums with his American Gothic-style of storytelling and nicotine-tarnished baritone. “Butterfly” and “For Celebrations Past” are haunting highlights, but “Nearly Lost You,” which was featured on the classic soundtrack to Cameron Crowe’s Singles, remains the group’s most memorable anthem.