Scarling, So Long, Scarecrow

Jon Wiederhorn

By Jon Wiederhorn

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

So Long, Scarecrow

Shoegaze, with a violent and sexual twist.

Many artists who play surreal, hypnotic songs are steeped in indie or electronic music. Not Scarling. Founded by Jessicka Fodera (former singer of industrial metal band Jack Off Jill) and heavy-riffing guitarist Christian Hejnal, Scarling provide the much-needed element of violence and sexuality other modern shoegazers lack. Sure, the band's second album So Long, Scarecrow is long on shimmery guitars and brooding Cure-inspired basslines, but songs like "Bummer" and "Broken Record" are imbued with a kinetic charge that gives them a gritty, seductive and slightly nightmarish quality. Credit this in part to Fodera, whose haunting melodies make tracks like "(Northbound on) Cahuenga" and "Like a Killer" as tuneful as they are treacherous.