Domenico Scarlatti, SCARLATTI, D.: Keyboard Sonatas

James Jolly

By James Jolly

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A young Russian pianist earns his stripes as a interpreter of Scarlatti.

The 25-year-old Russian-born, British-based, pianist Yevgeny Sudbin is a true poet of the keyboard, alive to the numerous rhythmic and tonal subtleties that these infinitely creative works demand. He has put together a programme of great skill. Drawing on Scarlatti's vast output of sonatas, he can be as incisive and witty as any harpsichordist, or as wonderfully "flamenco" as any guitarist. There have been some classic recitals of Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas from the likes of Horowitz, Pletnev and Zacharias, but young Sudbin can take his place in such company with impunity.