With Antonio Carlos Jobim and Stan Getz, Samba E Bossa Nova

Adam Sweeting

By Adam Sweeting

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Live performances of Latin jazz classics including The Girl from Ipanema.

Stan Getz will always be remembered for his exquisitely light, floating tone, his supernatural sense of swing and his mellifluous feel for melody. (He was nicknamed "The Sound.") In a 50-year career, he had a go at big band music, cool jazz, electric experimentation and esoteric chamber-style explorations, but he became a virtual pop star thanks to his influential role in the early-'60s bossa nova boom. Teaming up with composer Antonio Carlos Jobim and Astrud and Joao Gilberto, Getz won a batch of Grammys for "The Girl from Ipanema," probably the best-known slice of Latin jazz ever recorded, and had a huge hit with 1964's Getz/Gilberto album. With the current boom in Latin-pop, maybe those discs are due for a comeback. Anyhow, Samba y Bossa Nova finds the Getz/Gilberto/Jobim dream-team reassembled for live performances of some of their best-known moments, from "Corcovado" to "The Telephone Song" and, yes, "The Girl from Ipanema."