Russian Circles, Russian Circles Live at Schubas 05/27/2005

Tim Chester

By Tim Chester

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
This three-piece pushes the loud-quiet dynamic to its limits.

Chicago's Russian Circles have only released one full-length album, 2006's Enter, on which song titles like "Death Rides a Horse" and "New Macabre" hinted at the gigantic doom-mongery within. This live album demonstrates not only their raw power, but their penchant for abusing loop pedals in their quest to recreate the exact studio sound. The album's crowning moment comes halfway through, on "Death Rides a Horse." When that track finally kicks in, you can almost see the chit-chatting crowd jump out of their skins. The album also contains a recording of the unreleased "Sirens," a seven minute-plus multi-volume assault that tests the loud-quiet dynamic of the three piece (yes, three piece) to its limits.