Roscoe Mitchell, Roscoe Mitchell & the Sound and Space Ensembles

Seth Colter Walls

By Seth Colter Walls

on 06.07.12 in Reviews

In which the polymath Mitchell embraces the emergent sounds of hip-hop as well as those of late 20th-century chamber music styles — on the same album. Four of the six tracks here are austere, small ensemble compositions (some of them featuring modern-opera singer Tom Buckner). But two uptempo groovers, “You Wastin’ My Tyme” and “Linefine Lyon Seven” show that, some 15 years after the Art Ensemble created R&B-inflected avant-jazz jams like “Rock Out” and “Theme De Yoyo,” our hero can still return to the wellspring of pop inspiration. The former even offers a chance for Mitchell to try his hand at appropriating the good-humor cadences of early NYC rap. He works it!