Rosco Mitchell, Solo [3]

Seth Colter Walls

By Seth Colter Walls

on 06.07.12 in Reviews

This is a late-period tour de force: three different “solo” albums, packaged together. The opening “album,” subtitled Tech Ritter and the Megabytes, opens with a multi-tracked Mitchell (on different horns), blasting through a staccato composition called “The Little Big Horn 2.” Two long, proper solo improvisations follow (featuring various extended techniques, circular breathing, the works); while the “Tech Ritter”-titled pieces bring the multi-tracked intensity back. The more familiar, purely alto-saxophone album starts with the lovely “Nemus.” The final album, a percussion-heavy suite that harkens back to some of the Art Ensemble’s “little instrument” pieces, isn’t as dynamic — but the set as a whole brings welcome evidence of Mitchell’s conceptual, performative and compositional power in a new century.