The B12 Boys, Roger’s Cheeks

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Roger's Cheeks

The B12 Boys

The alleged steroid use of Roger Clemens is the subject of "Roger's Cheeks." It's an ode to the pitcher's gluteus maximus from the vantage point of needle. While novelty songs are rarely known for their depth, the B12 Boys have scored a winner here: Their personification of the needle allows the track to ignore the politics of one of the game's greatest pitchers possibly using performance-enhancing drugs and position it instead as a simple country love song. The needle sees Roger in the bullpen, thinks it can help him become a better pitcher (we've all heard that one before) and then wonders why Roger eventually leaves without a word. Men: Can't live with them, can't inject them with steroids and expect them to love you back.