Mickey, Rock’n Roll Dreamer

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 06.03.11 in Reviews
Unhinged madness, torn T-shirts and flying graffiti

There is a point toward the end of "Dream With Me" where Mickey frontman Mac Blackout — the Chicago glam-trash quintet has no shortage of excellent stage names — changes the first word of the song's title to "scream," and lets out a shriek that would terrify Jason Voorhees. And that right there is an apt summation of Mickey's appeal, both live and on record: unhinged madness, torn T-shirts and flying graffiti. Rock'n Roll Dreamer, their debut full-length following a pair singles and an EP, slickens the band's grimy pop, but only slightly, letting every danceable seduction and lonely, lovelorn thought fly loose while Marc Bolan's ghost nods approvingly in the shadows. Its 10 tracks positively whizz by in just under a half hour, and Blackout's final words are all too worrying in their prescience: "Baby we're gold / but they'll never know."