Jody Williams, Return Of A Legend

John Morthland

By John Morthland

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Return Of A Legend

Jody Williams
A blues great returns to teach the young’uns a thing or two.

This one-time Chicago sideman cut one of the best contemporary blues albums in 2001 after a 30-year layoff, and he remained largely untarnished by so many of the dubious gimmicks of current blues. Williams first adapted B.B. King's polished, jazzy string-bending technique to the classic Chicago sound. Whether reviving one of his oldies like “Lucky Lou” or romping through the folk wisdom of “She Found a Fool and Bumped His Head,” Williams plays with distilled passion and masterful technique. Even unworthy guest guitarists like Sean Costello can't bring him down, and on “I'm Comin'Back In Again,” Williams leaves no doubt he can get contemporary without compromise.