Daniel Johnston, Retired Boxer

Jeff Feuerzeig

By Jeff Feuerzeig

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

After a hiatus spent touring with a carnival, Retired Boxer is when Daniel decided he would stop "Fighting with Myself." He's transitioning into more motivational songs, determined to overcome the chemical imbalance and gravitational pull of full-blown depression. This record appears to be influenced by the Beatles 'visit to the Maharishi in India. Austin music critic Ken Liek tells the story of Daniel inviting him to see the Maharishi at a local Ramada Inn. But at the event, they found a bunch of middle-aged manager types asking how to climb the corporate ladder. Like the Beatles, Daniel was disappointed by the Maharishi, but also like the Beatles he walked away with some excellent songs: "True Love Will Find You in the End" is his ultimate song of hope; my other favorite is the opener, where Daniel draws the line at what he will do to win Laurie's love: "I'll Do Anything But Break Dance for You Darling."