Kamal, Reiki Whale Dreaming

Robert Phoenix

By Robert Phoenix

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Reiki Whale Dreaming

Another stunning collaboration between man and whale.

Here, the fine Australian musician/producer Kamal blends the deep sonar longings of the whale with indigenous instruments like the didgeridoo. On tracks like "Initiation," the results are magical. The didge creates a lush drone underneath a slightly treated duduk, a light synth and the occasional whale cry. On both this and Kamal's previous whale recording, Reiki Whale Song, he handles the cries of the cetaceans with considerable sensitivity and compositional skill, giving them a true place inside of his recordings and not merely tacking them on as sample fodder. This is a powerful and deeply integrated project, showing Kamal's ongoing commitment to co-create with the whales while crafting a soothing, healing, experience.