the Argument, Recess Serenade

Stacy Flatt

By Stacy Flatt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A great album for someone looking for heart-stopping harmonies, keyboard-accented pop and smart lyrics.

Rarely does a band come along that truly deserves a comparison to the seminal '90s power-pop group Jellyfish, but the Argument are that band. Their four-part harmonies pack a tight punch in "Speak My Mind" — a love song written from the point of view of a cat. The lyrics all tend to be rather clever, from a song about playground puppy love to a song about the hesitations of moving in with a girlfriend. Besides the tight harmonies and surprising lyrics, the Argument make nice use of keyboards — from piano to synthesizers to a Wurlitzer. Recess Serenade is a great album for someone looking for slick, heart-stopping harmonies, great piano and keyboard-accented pop with smart lyrics.