Radar Eyes, Radar Eyes

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 02.07.12 in Reviews
Pretty melodies in front of fight-starting Windy City garage-punk anthems

Don’t call it just another garage-punk offering; HoZac’s been doing that for years. On Radar Eyes’ self-titled debut LP, the Chicagofoursome offers a pop-centric affair, all layered, fuzzy guitars and hook-laden vocals. The driving, forward momentum of “Accident” and the shit-kicking guitars of “Summer Chills” front like these Windy City residents wanna fight, but it’s their pretty melodic sensibilities that encourage repeated listens. “Prairie Puppies” is an unabashed Jesus and Mary Chain hat-tip, “I Am” attempts to hide its candy-shop leanings underneath an impenetrable wall of feedback, and songs like “Secrets” and “Disconnection,” with big bass, heavenly organs and druggy atmospherics, suggest they may be the spiritual brethren of the Black Lips. The entire affair ends with the spooky, Suicide-esque “Side of the Road,” reaffirming that Radar Eyes are just as effective students of rock as they are practitioners.