Pulp, Intro: The Gift Recordings

Douglas Wolk

By Douglas Wolk

on 04.04.11 in Reviews

Intro: The Gift Recordings

Transitioning from scrappy underdogs to significant Britpop force

The three 1992-93 EPs collected here were Pulp’s moment of transition from scrappy underdogs to significant Britpop force, although it helped that Britpop as a concept became a big deal at the same time. “Babies,” in particular, became an enduring staple of their repertoire, but Jarvis Cocker’s fascination with the frantic tango of desperate sexuality and suburban domesticity also emerges in “Razzmatazz” and the three-part suite “Inside Susan” that first appeared as its flip side. And “O.U.” might have been the first time they were comfortable playing disco without putting quotation marks around it.