Guided By Voices, Propeller

Greg Milner

By Greg Milner

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Pollard and friends indulge their rock star fantasies.

By the time Propeller was released, GbV had already been around in various forms for more than ten years. As the chants of “G! B! V!” that lead off the record — made to sound like a frenzied crowd in an arena — make clear, Pollard was already a rock legend in his own mind. Hearing the album today is kind of like listening to an old Lomax field recording (Basement Songs of Dayton's Inebriated, perhaps), but there are parts that are of more than academic interest. The leadoff track, “Over the Neptune / Mesh Gear Fox,” features Pollard in fine Merseybeat voice. (The song popped up a few years later as “Kisses to the Crying Cook” on the Fast Japanese Spin Cycle EP.) The charming “14 Cheerleader Coldfront” was evidence that there were many future diamonds to be found in this rough.