Prince Fatty & The Mutant Hi-fi, Return of Gringo

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 02.01.12 in Reviews

Return Of The Gringo

Prince Fatty & The Mutant HiFi

[As part of his eMusic Takeover, BBC DJ and indie taste-making legend Steve Lamacq chose five records for us to feature as Review of the Day. Here's what he had to say about Prince Fatty & The Mutant Hi-Fi's Return of the Gringo]:

I love old-school reggae. John Peel and the Clash gave me my reggae education years and years ago. And Prince Fatty is the leading producer when it comes to reinventing the old-school reggae sound. But this is a completely new challenge really; taking old-school reggae, and then adding the Western soundrack to it – some surfy guitars, horns. You think, “No one’s going to experiment on this level, no one’s going to do this.” But yes, they are, Prince Fatty’s going to go and do this! It’s just a great, inventive record. I think that reggae, and old-school reggae particularly, is such an emotive music, and it’s just brilliant for raising your spirits. But he’s taken that and made this amazing, almost film-soundtrack-in-an-album. There’s something about it that’s just so colorful and inventive; it’s just one of those albums where you think, “I don’t care how fashionable this is; I don’t care how many people listen to it. This is an amazing record.