Gina Gershon, Prey for Rock & Roll Soundtrack

Glenn Kenny

By Glenn Kenny

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Prey for Rock & Roll Soundtrack

Gina Gershon
Gina enters the House of GVSB and emerges a rock star.

To create Prey for Rock & Roll, Bound girl Gina Gershon, she of the bee-stung lips and the badass attitude, formed a band, went on tour and had some dude film the whole thing for IFC. Her band — D.C. synthers Girls Vs. Boys — cranks out some crunchy backing tracks, and "Pretty Pretty" is a surprisingly credible entry in the "Rebel Rebel"/"Star Star" post-glam-rocker genre. But while fellow slinky actress-cum-rocker Juliette Lewis seems to just wanna trash things up and have fun, Gershon's got some stuff on her mind: "Every six minutes a woman cries," she notes, sounding rather like a nerve-damaged Chrissie Hynde with some Natalie Merchant quaver thrown in, "Because every six minutes her pleas are denied." Also: "If I had a dollar for every fucking thing I shoulda been paid for I'd be living like a queen right now." I'm not sure how getting into the music biz is going to solve that problem.