Porcelain Raft, Permanent Signal

Puja Patel

By Puja Patel

on 08.20.13 in Reviews
A sophomore effort that thrives on intimacy

Porcelain Raft is the project of the Italian-born, New York-based (by way of London) Mauro Remiddi; last year’s Strange Weekend, his first full-length, mixed glittery glam nostalgia with the fading tides of chillwave. Permanent Signal is similar in many ways, but Remiddi’s pop cues have changed. The sugary, roller-rink jams of “Unless You Speak From Your Heart” are passed by for an understated piano ballad (“I Lost Connection”), melancholic indie rock (“Cluster”), and a quiet surge of kick-drum propelled dance (“Minor Pleasure”). The album also features contributions from the Antlers and Yuck, but Remiddi mostly thrives on intimacy, balancing crackling, lovelorn moans with glassy-eyed reverb and barely-there melodies on “Echo” that push to the surface but never quite break through. The result is an enveloping, quicksand-like quality that makes Permanent Signal easy to get sucked in by even when there are no hooks to grab on to.