Jacki-O, Poe Little Rich Girl

Jon Caramanica

By Jon Caramanica

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Poe Little Rich Girl


Unjustly ignored upon its release, Poe Little Rich Girl might be one of the great female rap albums of the last decade. Sadly, that might not be the highest mountain to climb, but Jacki-O raps like there's all the competition in the world. She easily holds her own against Trick Daddy ("Champion") and Ghostface Killah ("Tooken Back"), and though she doesn't veer from the Foxy Brown/Lil Kim sex-as-empowerment axis, she proves there's still life left in the tired tropes. "Pussy (Real Good)" is sinuous and breathless, and "Gangsta Bitch" is harsh, confrontational and bruisingly erotic. (Another underappreciated Florida femme: Khia, of the deliciously explicit "My Neck, My Back" fame.)