Plants and Animals, The End of That

Selena Fragassi

By Selena Fragassi

on 02.28.12 in Reviews

The End of That

Plants and Animals

After Juno and Polaris Prize nominations for their first two efforts, Canadian prog-jammers Plants and Animals return with The End of That, the title track of which spurns the soul-deadening effects of cocaine binges while also referencing the abrupt halt in the trio’s old method of songwriting. Debut Parc Avenue and cult favorite La La Land took shape during improv sessions, but vocalist Warren Spicer, drummer Matthew Woodley, and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Basque opted instead to blueprint the material on The End of That, resulting in a more sound structure that curtails the band’s winded sagas in favor of neatly-wrapped packages.

Curtailing the band’s winded sagas in favor of neatly-wrapped packages

The exuberance in the musicianship has never been more tangible, but the real benefit is Spicer’s more detailed lyrics, which accompany the band’s bark with a salty lick. You can hear it in the affable title track, which contains the punch line, “Like some fucked-up bumblebee/ Headed for the potpourri of the ladies room” and in marathoner “Crisis!” which laments the existential nightmare of too many strollers on the sidewalks. There goes any chance of landing that Kid’s Choice Award.